Help the refugee families in Kurdistan-Iraq now!


More than 1.5 million refugees, especially the Christian and Yezidi minorities, fled from the terror of the extremist group IS to the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.

THE REFUGEES HAVE LOST EVERYTHING. Returning to their villages and towns is life threatening.

The local authorities and residents are helping as much as they can. But they won’t be able to handle this situation on their own! The refugee camps are overcrowded by the refugee surge. Families are living in schools, on construction sites and in the streets and are fighting for their survival.


“Give Families Hope” distributes your donation directly and on location to the refugee families. You are supplying them with vital necessities – food, water and clothes.

Help us reduce the suffering in the Kurdistan Region!

Donate now = Help now

About us

„My name is Didar Shwan. I was born as a Kurd in Iraq but I’ve been living in Austria for five years now, and I’m going to school here. The terrible events in Iraq, my second home, have affected me very deeply. For weeks now, hundreds of thousands of people have been fleeing from the terror of the IS. On a daily basis, my local family and friends tell me stories of the many refugee families who have to live in schools, on construction sites or in the streets under terrible conditions, because the refugee camps in the Kurdistan Region are overcrowded.

My friends and I want to help these refugees, who left behind all their possessions and are left with nothing. That is why we as the Austro-Kurdish Youth-Initiative started the fund-raising campaign “Give Hope to Families”.

There is a lack of vital necessities, such as water, food, clothing and shelter. – Things that are taken for granted by us. With the fund-raising campaign “Give Families Hope”, YOU have the chance to help directly! Your donation will be distributed one to one to the refugee families in the Kurdistan Region. Don’t look away but donate now and help directly.”

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