Help the refugee families in Kurdistan-Iraq now!


More than 1.5 million refugees, especially the Christian and Yezidi minorities, fled from the terror of the extremist group IS to the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.

THE REFUGEES HAVE LOST EVERYTHING. Returning to their villages and towns is life threatening.

The local authorities and residents are helping as much as they can. But they won’t be able to handle this situation on their own! The refugee camps are overcrowded by the refugee surge. Families are living in schools, on construction sites and in the streets and are fighting for their survival.


“Give Families Hope” distributes your donation directly and on location to the refugee families. You are supplying them with vital necessities – food, water and clothes.

Help us reduce the suffering in the Kurdistan Region!

Donate now = Help now

First donations go to Kurdistan

In the week before Christmas we traveled to Kurdistan to distribute the donations we had collected so far. With the sum of 22,000 € and your support we were able help more than 150 families. The human suffering which we experienced during the trip was hard to bear. Please continue donating, so we can help even more families!

Why should you donate to the refugees in the Kurdistan Region?
1.5 million people have fled from the brutal extremist group “Islamic State”. From one moment to the next, the refugees, especially religious minorities like Christians and Yezidis, had to leave their homes and possessions behind. They have found shelter in the Kurdistan Region; nevertheless, they still need financial support to buy vital necessities like water, food or medicine.

Who will receive the donations?
The donations will be locally and directly distributed among the refugee families in the Kurdistan Region. Every Euro you donate is a Euro a family receives. The donations will be delivered to the refugee families as soon as possible.

Why should I support the donation campaign “Give Families Hope” in particular?
The Red Cross, Caritas and Diakonie are already in the Kurdistan Region and are putting all efforts and available means into helping and reducing the refugees’ suffering. But too many people have fled to the Region for the Kurdish and international organizations can’t help everyone.
The refugee camps are overcrowded; many families have to live in schools, on construction sites, and even in the streets. It is exactly these refugees who we want to help, because they are left on their own. We as the Kurdish Youth have local contacts and can go directly to where help is needed most. Thus, your donation supports the children, women, and men, who wouldn’t have anything without your help.

What do you mean with “ locally and directly”?
A delegation of the Austro-Kurdish Youth-Initiative, supported by the Health Department of the Kurdistan Regional Government, will distribute the donations to the suffering refugees in the Kurdistan Region. Thereby we want to ensure a safe delivery of the donations to those who need our help the most. The costs for the delegation as well as the travel costs will not be financed by money gathered through donations.

How does my donation help?
Through your donation, refugee families are able to buy vital necessities for themselves, like water, food, medication, or clothing. Even if daytime temperatures right now reach up to 45 degrees Celsius, the cold and wet winter is just around the corner. A drop in temperature has been predicted for the next few weeks, and the refugee families need shelter, warm blankets and small stoves to be able to brave the cold.

What will the refugee families be able to finance/buy with your donation?
20 Euros = Water for a family of five for 1 week
30 Euros = 1 matrass and two warm blankets
50 Euros = 1 small cooking stove, including kerosene to fuel it
100 Euros = 1 box of baby food lasting for 3 months

Help them, every donation counts!

Why are you collecting money instead of donations in kind or equipment?
The necessary water, food and medication are available in Kurdistan; the refugees however do not possess the financial means to buy them.

Who is responsible for the donations?
The Austro-Kurdish Youth Initiative was founded by young Kurds in Vienna under the head of Didar Shwan, who still goes to school. The young Kurds fear for the people in their home and, with your support, they want to help as many refugees as possible.
“The people there have lost everything while we are doing great in Austria. We want to share the happiness we’ve experienced and the luck we’ve had, we want to give something back”, says Didar Shwan, the young initiator of the fund-raising campaign.
The Austro-Kurdish Youth-Initiative, and thus the fund-raising campaign “Give Families Hope”, is supported by Iraqi-Kurdish parties and associations and the Representation of the Kurdistan Regional Government-Iraq (KRG) in Austria.

Track your donation!
You can track your donation on our homepage, to exactly know what’s happening with your donation and how precious every Euro donated is to the people. You can track where and when the donations are being distributed. We will also inform you about the progress of the donation campaign on a regular basis.

About us

„My name is Didar Shwan. I was born as a Kurd in Iraq but I’ve been living in Austria for five years now, and I’m going to school here. The terrible events in Iraq, my second home, have affected me very deeply. For weeks now, hundreds of thousands of people have been fleeing from the terror of the IS. On a daily basis, my local family and friends tell me stories of the many refugee families who have to live in schools, on construction sites or in the streets under terrible conditions, because the refugee camps in the Kurdistan Region are overcrowded.

My friends and I want to help these refugees, who left behind all their possessions and are left with nothing. That is why we as the Austro-Kurdish Youth-Initiative started the fund-raising campaign “Give Hope to Families”.

There is a lack of vital necessities, such as water, food, clothing and shelter. – Things that are taken for granted by us. With the fund-raising campaign “Give Families Hope”, YOU have the chance to help directly! Your donation will be distributed one to one to the refugee families in the Kurdistan Region. Don’t look away but donate now and help directly.”

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